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Prospective participants list for Bang*Bang Special Issue #9

This is a signup for the March 24 issue; the text deadline for the issue is Tuesday, March 18, and the art deadline is Saturday, March 22. Please comment here if you plan to submit a story or artwork for this issue. Artists should specify whether you're submitting a standalone piece, offering to illustrate a story, or doing both. Artists offering to illustrate should provide either links to or thumbnails of past works as examples of style; writers wishing to collaborate with artists (or artists wishing to collaborate with writers) should respond directly to comments to this post. As always, you don't have to sign up to participate, and you're not creating an unbreakable contract by signing up, but it's always a good idea! Signups for the beta reader pool will be in an upcoming post.

This is our first special issue of the year, where we trade boys for girls and let the lesbians run wild! The theme for this issue is EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE: The time has once again come for the ancient and noble art of ladybending.

  • Quick Answers: Interested in participating but don't know where to start? Bring your quick questions here!

  • Submission Guidelines for Fiction: All the specifics for text submissions. READ BEFORE SUBMITTING.

  • Submission Guidelines for Art: Whether you're illustrating or submitting a standalone piece, if you're hoping to get your thousand words done with a picture, here's what you need to know.

  • Writing aids and standards: Here are writing resources to make sure your story doesn't fall afoul of the thirty-minute rule.

A small, repeated plea from your editors: use Google Docs. It's not mandatory, and we'll still accept submissions in any form in which we can read them, but please, it makes editing, sharing, and collaborating just that much easier -- and ensures submissions won't be lost in the spam folder. And speaking of that spam folder, if you're going to send us an email for any reason, please take a minute to make sure the subject line and body have enough unique text that they won't trip Google's overactive spam filter; if you don't hear a reply from us in a few days, best to change up your wording and try again. Do also make sure that your spam filter whitelists all messages from us, too, so we're sure to make contact with one another.

There will be a digital edition of this issue released for download at some point in the future, and from this point on we're assuming that if you submit your story or artwork to us, you are saying yes to being a part of this collection. However, if you do not want your contribution available for download, please let us know in an email and we will respect that.

Consider adding yourself as a member of the bb_shousetsu community if you're writing or illustrating. For open discussion on any SSBB-related topic, start a thread at bangbangwhimper. For related nonsense, announcements, and various goings-on, find us at our main website, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, DeviantArt, y!gallery, and Archive of Our Own!

Prefer to receive reminders by email? Sign up for our newsletter! We promise: no spam, only porn.


Prospective writers

Prospective standalone (only) artists:
[Please note: this section of the signup is for artists who are interested in contributing original art but do not want to collaborate with an author. Any artist who offers to illustrate is of course welcome to do a standalone piece as well.]

Illustrators offering services:
beili (link)
cerine (link)
eluneth (link)
neomeruru (link)
quaedam (link)
rahksin (link)
serenity_winner (link)
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