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Lady Sisyphus

Bang*Bang Artist Special no.2

cover by p_the_wanderer

winterreise, by fightfair and ruffwriter

Giacinto and Lucio, by DragonReine

Jack Parker and the Rival's Rescue, by pixiepunch and leadengine

Backstage at the Speakeasy, by serenity_winner

The Sound of the Heart, by fishydotlove

Kiss Good Night, by natsumeyun

Flight of the Firebirds, by E. Mango (E. 万語) and Nijiiro Sumi (虹色墨)


24 September 2012

Dear readers,

Thanks for your attention to our first artist special, a year ago now, and the wonders it contained.

Things move quickly here, and so we are on to our second. Perhaps you will take a look at this collection of artist delights - they are some of my most carefully thought-out works around. To this letter I have added an assortment of four comics and three single illustrations representing the time and dedication of a number of artists and authors. As far as we're concerned, they have given their canvases their undivided attention. Perhaps you shall join them in this as well, for these certain creators whom you will surely come to greatly love and admire.

Goodbye for now, keep well and good luck in business, etc., remember the contributors and all their hard work, and acknowledge and encourage them with your kind words.

Ever yours,
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