Lady Sisyphus (ladysisyphus) wrote in bb_shousetsu,
Lady Sisyphus

issue 34 reminder

Here's your one-week reminder: the text deadline for the December theme-free issue is Tuesday, December 13 -- which is to say, very slightly over a week from now. The beta signup is still open, so if you're looking for another pair of eyes for your story or you're willing to use your skills to help someone else, comments are open!

Artists, you've got until Saturday, December 17 to get us your masterpieces! Also, there are a few issues next year where we don't yet have artists lined up to do the covers, so if you're an artist who'd be interested, drop us an email with a link to samples of your work and which issue(s) you'd be interested in doing (currently free: February, March, August, December). Preference will be given to artists who a) haven't done covers before; b) have been involved in the project before, either by contributing illustrations or standalone art; and c) can reliably turn out full-colour, finished works.

Be advised that one of your editors (this one) will be on the road that Saturday and Sunday, so last-minute crises are not advisable, and some extensions just plain may not be possible. Plan accordingly!
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