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SSBB news, part deux (rather important)

One. To follow up on the previous post: SSBB won't be relocating definitively anytime soon. No time, for one thing. *g* I do think it advisable to mirror the archive in case of eventuality but if I have to take the trouble it won't be to LJ code again. A Wordpress MU install on its own webspace, most likely, using OpenID. We'll be looking into it over the summer. The "magazine" itself, meanwhile, can be delivered in a multiplicity of formats regardless of the location of the story archive (what else is RSS for XD), so there's no reason for bb_shousetsu not to stay put unless LJ kicks it off.

For instance, it's already syndicated at Insanejournal here: I didn't create it, but it seems to be working. Let me know if there's a hitch. There should probably be feeds at GJ, YJ, etc. as well.

Two. As I'll be travelling and/or otherwise unavailable for the entire month of May, the deadline for the next regular issue will be June 6th. Details are available on the userinfo, and sign-up will open two months before the event as per usual.

Three. This is a step I've been pondering for a while, and now it's been implemented: the SSBB Yuri Special has been spun off and is now under the editorial guidance of ladysisyphus, whom I trust you all know (insofar as I'm aware it's not a secret XD). The new submission email is ssbbyurispecial at gmail dot com. The issues will still be posted here, the stories to s2b2, and administration closely coordinated overall, but this particular buck stops forthwith with her and not with me. In effect it would bear the same relation to SSBB as... LaLa DX does to LaLa proper? Something like that.

The major reason for the restructuring is that I have my hands full with the bimonthly regular issues, and the addition of a special issue means I don't get to do anything else during that two-month period. The timing is never right. This has basically always been the case, and I've never liked the sense that the f/f special was the red-headed stepchild - it really deserves someone's full attention, and perhaps to see its own character emerge, distinct from regular SSBB's. IMO two femslash issues per year wouldn't be pushing it, for instance, though quarterly might be. As always, questions and feedback are welcome on any of the preceding.

As 3 1/2 months between regular issues is a hitherto-unseen gap, the next f/f special has been moved up to May to keep you guys busy. XD But I'll let ladysisyphus post about that.

Four. I've created a Readers' Poll at my LJ. Please do fill it out, even if you only visit occasionally, or don't actively participate. As I see it, SSBB is not so much for the readers as it is the readers; I may steer the ship (or strut about with medals pinned to my coat in full view of French snipers), but you guys hoist the rigging and man the guns. XD; It exists in your minds - as a concept, or set of behaviours, or vision - as much as it does in mine. I'd like to gain a better sense of what that vision is.

One issue that has already been mooted on the poll, for instance, is that of story summaries. I've rejected the suggestion before - I'm wary about making it easier to pre-judge stories, and part of the basic punk ethos (!?!) of the thing is finding yourself reading stuff that you might otherwise have avoided - but the other side of the argument is that people have busy lives and often choose not to read until someone lets them know what's what. ^^; I may as well bounce this one back to the writers, as you'd be in charge of composing your own (of the fluffy <75-word type seen on the cover page of real life BL yomikiri). Yea or nay? It could be a new venue for creativity, much like the pseuds.

Five. I missed one possible bangbangwhimper challenge in the poll - ficpodding, or recorded readings of existing stories. Let me know if the idea interests anyone. In any case we'll probably rotate through the challenges on a bimonthly basis, staggered with zine issues and in order of popularity, rather than institute them and leave them standing. My sense being that deadlines are necessary to spur participants to activity. XD
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