January 1st, 2019

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Prospective Participants for Bang*Bang 77

This is a signup for the February 25 issue; the text deadline for the issue is Tuesday, February 12 and the art deadline is Saturday, February 23. Please comment here if you plan to submit a story or artwork for this issue. Artists should specify whether you're submitting a standalone piece, offering to illustrate a story, or doing both. Artists offering to illustrate should provide either links to or thumbnails of past works as examples of style; writers wishing to collaborate with artists (or artists wishing to collaborate with writers) should respond directly to comments to this post. As always, you don't have to sign up to participate, and you're not creating an unbreakable contract by signing up, but it's always a good idea!

The theme for this issue is Ordinary Magic: Urban witchcraft? Or just the power of love? Mundane meets fantastic for some spellbinding happily-ever-afters.

NOTE: The submission guidelines have not been updated yet updated to reflect recent policy changes, so as a reminder: Issues are now all-content. If it would've run in one of our previous m/m, f/f, or Yes, And issues, it's fair game here.

Consider adding yourself as a member of the bb_shousetsu community if you're writing or illustrating. For open discussion on any SSBB-related topic, start a thread at bangbangwhimper or our bulletin board. For related nonsense, announcements, and various goings-on, find us at our main website, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, DeviantArt, y!gallery, Archive of Our Own, Plurk, and Goodreads!

Receive reminders and deadlines by email by signing up for our newsletter! We promise: no spam, only porn.

Check out the SSBB Wiki! We welcome all contributors who have information to share.

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SSBB Quick Answers

revised January 2019

We have a big ol' set of submission guidelines for stories and for art that detail pretty much everything you'd ever want to know about contributing to Shousetsu Bang*Bang. However, we realize that sometimes that's a lot of reading for when you just have some very simple questions. Thus, behold our Collapse )

While pretty much everything up there applies to illustrators too, we've got some additional Collapse )

And that's what we've got! These aren't intended to be full substitutes for the information contained in the Mission Statement, Submission Guidelines, or Guidelines For Art Submissions, though, so if you're planning on participating, you definitely want to read through the relevant pages. They are, however, the most frequently asked of the questions out there, so we figured we'd save our time and yours by collecting them on one page for easy reference.

If you've got any other quick questions you think need Quick Answers, let us know and we'll be glad to add them to the list!