September 7th, 2011

bang bang

Deadline Reminder for Artist Special #1

Reminder: the deadline for submissions for the first ever Artist Special Issue is Tuesday, September 13 - a week from yesterday. As always, we're not utterly rigid about this -- you may interpret that as 'by the time we editors wake up on Wednesday morning, EDT' -- but if you forsee any difficulty in meeting this deadline, please be in conversation with us as soon as possible.

A lot of attention regarding this issue has gone to comics -- which do take quite a bit of effort to coordinate and prepare -- but comics were never inended to be the sole type of content included. Artists can submit up to two standalone pieces of art, or one comic and one standalone piece. For more details, see the original signup post. It's also fine if you didn't comment on the signup post -- signups are neither necessary nor binding, so as long as your submission is in the inbox on time, you're good to go.

The issue will go live on Monday, September 19! We've already received some gorgeous submissions, and the cover is unlike anything we've done before. Start getting excited now!