August 25th, 2011

bang bang

2012 Theme List

1. We hope you're enjoying the Hot for Teacher issue! And if teacher/student isn't your thing, don't worry: this batch of stories knows there's more than one thing to do with an attractive pedagogue. Commenters get extra credit toward their final grades!

2. If you're participating in the Artist Special #1 and you're going to be submitting a comic with text of any kind in it, that script has to be submitted for review by Thursday, September 1 -- in other words, a week from today. I don't care about the blocking, formatting, stage directions, thumbnails, commentary -- all I want is to see the actual text that is going to appear on the pages of the comic, to make sure that there will be no errors in the final images. Typos and errors are far easier to change before the text has been added into the image, and any comics that come to us will text errors on the page will be bounced back to their creators for correction.

3. For those of you who like to plan ahead, this is the 2012 schedule of themes:

Tinseltown! Actors and directors, stars and fans, hopefuls and has-beens! I'd like to thank the Academy....

Whether you're a champion of justice or rooting for the bad guy, here at SSBB, we always get our man.

Is your manliness flagging? Is there not enough hair on your chest? Perk up with manliest of all manly epics: those contained in men's adventure magazines!

This month, on a Very Special Issue of SSBB: student clubs, sports teams, band practice, civic responsibilities, community service, and whatever else happens after that last bell rings.

Calling all fantasy worlds from the high to the low! Saddle up your dragon and come join the festivities!

With, of course, a f/f special issue in March, another artist special issue in September, and the customary theme-freedom in the December issue.

And don't forget there's still goodness to be had in 2011! September's first SSBB artist special promises to be a good time; we'll put up a signup post soon for the October issue, the theme of which is Myths and Monsters; and December, as always, will be theme-free.

Of course, remember that themes are not mandatory; think of them more as inspirational than strict guidelines. Sometimes doing it wrong is how to do it right.