July 19th, 2011

bang bang

editorial policies on reprints, reposting, and ebooks

Because we've had a couple inquiries lately regarding our back catalogue and digital versions, here's a couple clarifications on various ins and outs of the matter:

SSBB has always taken submissions with the stated goal of posting them on the s2b2 account -- and nowhere else. The fact of the matter is, we don't have permission from contributors to post submissions anywhere else, and we don't really have the means of acquiring that permission from all six years' worth of backlogged authors and artists, especially considering that we don't have updated contact information for everyone. Therefore, while we link merrily to submissions from our website and our tumblr, we currently have no plans to mirror or host them anywhere else. (Should mirroring become necessary ... well, we'll burn that bridge when it comes to it.)

Of course, you may respost your own submissions anywhere you like! All that SSBB asks is the right of first publication, and whatever happens to it next is your call: other journals, blogs, Tumblr, dA, y!, AO3, anthologies, paid, unpaid, whatever. While we'd always appreciate a link back to the original post, that's absolutely not necessary.

For similar reasons of permission (and lack thereof), we have no plans to offer up ebook editions of complete past issues. However, starting soon (probably with the October issue) we plan to offer contributors the opportunity to give permission for their submissions to be compiled and distributed in an ebook version of the issue as well; these digital versions will be entirely opt-in, credited in the same way they would be on the website, and there will be absolutely no penalties or repercussions for declining to include one's work. These collections will be released free of charge and in .pdf format, which most readers and computers are able to display.

This does not mean, though, that past submissions will be lost to distribution. Currently, we are considering an ebook anthology: entirely opt-in, where contributors choose one personal best submisson to be compiled in a larger 'best of' ebook. Depending on interest, we might even see about making more than one of these, either by bundling the submissions up by volumes or by asking for multiple contributions. We're absolutely open to feedback on this idea, though, so if you've got opinions/questions/concerns, we'd love to hear them here.