July 3rd, 2011

bang bang

miscellany and artist special beta signup

Just a couple of odds and ends:

1. If you haven't been to shousetsubangbang.com lately, you haven't seen all the lovely things Scruffy relvetica has been getting up to! (And more to come!)

2. For authors considering submitting something for the theme-free December issue, remember that this year's will be a Big Bang -- in other words, while the minimum word count remains the same, the maximum word count will be lifted. Of course, the 30-minute editorial rule stays in place, so anyone fixing to write a particularly epic work should make good use of the beta-reading pool, because we editors won't have time to do more than correct the occasional passing typo.

3. Don't forget to read and comment on the Wild Wild West issue's stories, and come on and sign up for August's Hot For Teacher issue!

4. Last but not least, this is the beta/workshop post for the Artist Special #1. Now, it's true that the deadlines for that aren't until September, but we've heard from various art-minded members of the community that because of the longer creation process involved in making a comic, feedback is better earlier rather than later. This isn't exclusively for comic creators, though, so if you've got text or art slated for that issue that you'd like other sets of eyes to look over or if you want to volunteer your editorial skills with regards to either, leave a comment here with relevant details and contact information. (Please note that the new publication date is Monday, September 19, but that the deadlines for all text -- September 1 -- and images -- September 13 -- remain the same.)