June 7th, 2011

bang bang

issue 31 reminder

Guess what, authors? The deadline for the WILD WILD WEST issue is June 14 -- a week from today! That's still plenty of time to jam out and polish up an awesome story, so get crackin'! The beta post is already hopping, thanks to several lovely volunteers, so if you can edit or need editing, that's the place to go.

Also, if you're an author with a half-, almost-, or 100%-completed story, consider hitting up the signup post for an illustrator! There are lots of fantastic artists who've volunteered, many of whom are still willing to collaborate even this late in the game, and of course everything looks prettier with pictures!

Artists, you will, per usual, have until June 18 to get us the goods -- but that doesn't mean you have to wait until then, of course. This goes for writers and artists alike: the inbox is tagged out several months in advance, so if you've got something finished already, don't sit on it, toss it in!

Quick reminder of other new-ish and exciting places to find us, in case you've missed them: Twitter, Facebook, deviantArt, and y!Gallery. (And does anyone know anything about that wacky Tumblr thing all the kids are up to these days?)

You may also notice that we have a logo now for things! This is because relvetica is flat-out awesome. (I get to be the purple asterisk!)