April 24th, 2011

da datta dayadhvam damyata

a couple bits of friendly editorial what-not

1. If you're on dA or y!Gallery, you now have two new places to collect and share your pretty pictures and wonderful words: http://s2b2.deviantart.com/ (for which neomeruru is to thank) and http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/club/10311/! Submissions here do not have to have gone up in an official ssbb issue before; further stories, extra sketches, illustrations for things that never got finished, works that didn't make the deadline, and fanfic and fanart are all welcome!

2. Don't forget, signups for the Wild Wild West issue are on! And sometime in the next few weeks, we'll be posting the signups for the artist issue, which will go up in September -- a little earlier than usual, perhaps, but I know making a comic can take a while, and scripts still have to be submitted to us beforehand.

3. This is and continues to be a totally, completely, 100% volunteer-powered project -- everything is done out of love. Artists and writers put in hours, days, weeks of work on these submissions, then send them to us for the joy of sharing their creations with the world. Therefore, if you like something, please leave a comment! Feedback is the only kind of payment contributors get, and everyone likes hearing nice things said about something that's taken so much time to create. I know from personal experience it can get disheartening to put effort and care into making something only to wind up feeling like it's fallen on deaf ears, and I've heard from several talented prior contributors that feeling like nobody cares is a major reason for their not submitting anything else.

In short: Encouragement is the coin of the realm, people! So please, tip your artists and writers for a job well done. It's not just the polite thing to do, it's the love gas that keeps this car running! (eww, love gas)

4. We're always looking to spread the word about this project! If you know of a place to talk up s2b2 goodness, let us know! Heck, if you've got any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you know the shousetsubangbang@gmail.com inbox is always open.