December 28th, 2010

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It was time to overhaul and consolidate, so here they are: the Shousetsu Bang*Bang submissions guidelines.

There are no major changes contained here, but there have been changes made to the rules since they were first written, and thus, here's everything specified and ordered in a neatly bundled lj entry. Other guidelines, such as the specifics for art submissions, can be found with the guidelines tag.

If you are planning to submit a piece of text, please read over these guidelines. (Yes, all of them; you're a writer, you should be able to read.) Based on a number of questions I've fielded and things I've seen in submissions recently, I suspect many people have not read the previously established guidelines. Here's your chance to fix that!

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The following list is intended to serve as a general collection of resources for improving your stories. If you know of another online resource that you feel would be helpful to participants, please suggest it in the comments!

Folk who volunteer as beta-readers should absolutely be familiar with all the material detailed in the first group of links, and it wouldn't hurt to have a good, solid grasp on the second.

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art submissions critical update

And while I'm on the subject of updating things with the guidelines tag, I've made a critical change to the guidelines for art submissions. Artists, pay attention:

Images should not be saved in CMYK palettes. We've had a some reports recently of some images' not loading in certain browsers, and after some helpful input from tsukikoushi, we've determined that the problem was that the invisible images were saved in CMYK (and, thanks to tsukikoushi, those images have been re-saved appropriately and are visible again, so if you were one of the artsts whose work was disappearing, you should thank her). As it turns out, IE and some older versions of Firefox cannot display images in the CMYK palette, which was baffling both the people who could see the images and the people who couldn't.

If you don't know how not to save in a CMYK palette ... I don't know what to tell you, as I'm not even really sure what a CMYK is. But I'm sure there are plenty of helpful artist-types out there who'd be more than happy to answer questions about specific programs. RGB and greyscale work just fine, though, so best stick with those.

So anyway, I've spent my winter vacation being productive, and I hope the rest of you have found some free time to read the new issue and are going to leave tons of glowing comments any minute now. After all, writers and artists here work for tips! If you're not going to throw money (and no one's asking you to), please applaud!

...I now promise to stop spamming your friends pages.