December 6th, 2010

cherub gone horribly wrong

issue 28 reminder and beta signup

This is a reminder that author submissions for issue 28 are due Friday, December 17! That's a week and a half away, so I hope everything's coming along well.

Thus, this is the beta reader pool signup for said issue. If you would like to beta-read for the upcoming issue, comment here with the number of stories you're willing to handle, and any other notes on your betaing style (e.g., if you're willing to help with issues other than spelling/grammar, such as plot, characterization, and prose flow).

You may comment here also if you need a beta reader for your submission, particularly if you have specific issues with your story that need looking at. Please indicate clearly whether you're seeking a beta or volunteering as one.

To avoid blind-leading-the-blind situations, please volunteer as a beta reader only if you yourself are confident of your spelling, grammar and syntax, and that words mean what you think they mean when you use them in sentences. As a minimum, you must be able to fix the majority of the problems listed in the resources linked from the Writing Aids and Standards post.

As with illustrators, please contact beta readers by responding directly to the comments.