November 8th, 2010

true faith

Changing of the guard

Hello all SSBB readers and contributors--

I'm sure you've noticed that ladysisyphus and beeblebabe handled the October issue between themselves, and swimmingly it went, too. When I brought on these lovely co-editors I assumed there would be a transitional period while I gradually divested mod-ly duties in their favour, but in practice, once the ball got rolling it happened quite fast. ^_^; For Real Life(tm) time management reasons... but then, I have been flakey due to same since 2007. So perhaps the changing of the guard was merely overdue, and I apologize for subjecting the entirety of the bb_shousetsu community to the vagaries of my personal schedule, as I'm very aware I have done for several years.

While I've been answering PMs addressed directly to me (never an official channel for SSBB correspondence, btw), and sometimes bothered the Whits with this or that administrative point, I haven't actually participated in the nuts and bolts of the editorial process since the issue before last, and am unlikely to return to doing so in future. So it's only fair to clarify to everyone that responses from the submissions mailbox are coming from ladysisyphus and beeblebabe solely; and fair, too, that going forward they should be the ones to make judgment calls on the rules and regulations that keep the community ticking. I know they have a great many plans for next year and beyond that they're excited to share with you, and -- well, from what I heard I have every confidence that the future is bright.

bb_shousetsu has been my baby, of course, but there comes a time etc. and I have been an amiable but absent-minded parent rather than a domineering one, I hope. XD; The s2b2 archive is one of the few things in life I can concretely point to and say, "I'm proud to have contributed to the making of this," and without all of you I wouldn't have that. So thank you very, very much; it's been a pleasure.


Your Editor petronia