November 4th, 2010

cherub gone horribly wrong

Prospective participants list for Bang*Bang no.27

This is the signup post for the December 22 issue. The submission cutoff date is December 17.

Please comment here if you plan to submit a story or artwork for December! Artists should specify whether you're submitting a standalone piece, offering to illustrate a story, or both. If you're offering to illustrate, provide a link to your art by way of sample. As always, you don't have to sign up to participate, and signups are absolutely non-binding, but throwing your name into the hat is always a good way to get that creative impulse flowing. Signups for the beta reader pool will be in an upcoming post.

As is the tradition in these lands, there is no theme for the December issue! Let your imagination run wild!

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Allow me to put a small plea from your editors in here: use Google Docs. It's not mandatory, and we'll still accept submissions in any form in which we can read them, but please, it makes editing, sharing, and collaborating just that much easier. If you don't like composing in it, that's fine -- I know there's a lag issue for some people -- but you can write it somewhere else and paste it in. Trust us on this.

Please remember also to add yourself as a member of the bb_shousetsu community if you're writing or illustrating, as most admin announcements are locked to members only. For open discussion on any SSBB-related topic, start a thread at bangbangwhimper!

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There will be plenty of posts with changes, clarifications, and exciting new information forthcoming very shortly, but in the meantime, here are the dates for the regular issues for 2011 (themes TBA):

February 20th (due date February 15th)
April 17th (due date April 12th)
June 19th (due date June 14th)
August 21st (due date August 16th)
October 23rd (due date October 18th)
December 18th (due date December 13th)

More to look forward to: a f/f special issue in March (that's right, the ladies are back!) and an artist special issue in September (to give our more artistic and comic-minded folk a chance to show off). Such excitement!