October 23rd, 2010

harder than it looks

issue 27 reminder

Just a quick note to remind us all that the deadline for the issue is Monday, October 25. Sadly, there's not really room for writer extensions -- I know this whole issue has cut things pretty tight, scale-wise, but we're bound and determined to get it up on the 31st, and that's already a pretty tight editorial window. (Artists, of course, have a bit longer, but that's because their submissions don't need to be edited in quite the same manner -- that being said, we still need enough time to get names on the cover, so promptness is always appreciated.)

It's also an even tighter window if the story doesn't pass the thirty-minute rule and will need more editing on the author's part, so please, make sure it's done right the first time. I'd encourage you to make use of the beta-reader pool for this issue, but one hasn't accumulated -- so please, if you've got some editorial time to spare over the coming week, consider offering your services!

I wish you all great fortune with writing this weekend, and look forward to seeing what gets produced! We've already got a lovely crop of illustrations and stories gathering, and this issue promises to be an excellent one indeed.