June 4th, 2010


In other quite important news

dipping_sauce is stepping down as SSBB editor/uploader/maintainer, as of the upcoming issue. She'll be replaced by the Whit-ly duo of beeblebabe and ladysisyphus; to whom a warm welcome, even though you might know them already. XD

We'll be redistributing editorial tasks among the three of us, so that - hopefully! - the whole wagon rolls faster and more smoothly. As it already has been: thanks mostly to your (writers' and betas') improving efforts, rather than mine. ^_^; We might even bring back some of the popular organized fun beyond the regular issues, such as the yearly yuri issue or the fanfiction challenges on bangbangwhimper. So if there's anything you'd like to see from SSBB in future, make your suggestions! I will try to have a poll up in the upcoming weeks as well.

A special word of thanks to dipping_sauce. Erin is a close RL friend of mine and was there to help kick-start this community from the very first issue. She's basically been the vice-captain of this ship for years. These days the process is nicely streamlined, but there have been issues where both of us were working full tilt, through the night... I definitely could not have kept Bang*Bang going without her. So big embarrassing public hugs, Erin! XD I know you'll be sticking around, hopefully to write, but also just to read and chill out in the lounge as it were.