March 12th, 2010

gourmet sensation

Bang*Bang no.23

(image by llyse)

+ Delivery Available, by Daifuku Hoyako (惰猪腹 ほや子) - Spice Loaf

+ Table Manners, by Dr. Noh - Cucumber Salad

+ Natural and Artificial Flavorings, by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ) - Mushroom Soup

+ Warmth, by Hana Chikai (羽名血海) - Fish Head Curry

+ Terlingua, by shukyou (主教) - Sahara Chili / Chili Con (Fake) Carne

+ Noodles with Gangsters, by Pluto - Lazy Noodle Soup

+ Busted by shukyou (主教) and Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ) Part 1 | Part 2 * - Honeydew Basil Mojito / Honey-Garlic Asparagus / Farfalle with Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas, Lemon, and Parmesan / Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Roses

+ Teiresias' Kin: Smoke and Shadow by Delyth Penrose Part 1 | Part 2 * - Morning’s Porridge / Whistlecakes / The Pauper’s Dream / The Virgin’s Dream / Fig Sweets

+ Sweet, by Kuruki (来木) - Glazed Orange Angel Food Cake

+ Of Love And Low-Fat Muffins, By Sinjah - Apple Pie / Coffe Cake with Struesel Topping

+ On Ghosts, by Phail * - Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

* illustrated

It’s here, finally! Good job, everyone, and sorry for the lengthy wait times. Do hope it is worth it – there are a couple of recipes up there I’ll be testing out at least (the story order this time approximates that of a gourmet meal, or a cookbook).

Thanks to dipping_sauce, to those of you who lived up to my turnaround time on the Evil Present Tense issue, and especially to the pinch-hit authors who came through at very short notice (although in at least one *cough*ladysisiphus*cough* case it only served to inspire ideas for “timed” “challenges” horrifying to a writer of my sparse monthly word count XD;).

As always, happy reading,

Love, the Editor
get your own coffee

Standalone artists list for Bang*Bang no.24

Now that I have everyone's attention, something new:

imaginarybeasts has always allowed artists to submit standalone works (i.e. not in conjunction with a story). bb_shousetsu never did, because... actually there's no good reason. XD; That's just how things were set up and how they stayed. It makes illustrators more dependent on the vagaries of writers than vice versa, though, and it's starting to seem to me like a lot of willing participants never get picked...? So we'll try it the IB way; let me know if you like it better.

The nitty-gritty:

1) The submission deadline is the same as for stories (i.e. April 16th).

2) Standalone illustrations should have m/m content (IB doesn't have this requirement, of course). They don't have to be a "sex scene", though! The NSFW cutoff is a lot lower with images than with text.

3) I've made a separate signup post to help differentiate between artists who want to illustrate and artists who want to submit standalone art. You can sign up for both or either. So if you signed up at the other post and would like to submit an individual piece, comment to this post as well. (You can take yourself off the other if you like; I hope you won't, though. XD;)

4) For space reasons we'll probably have multiple pieces per artwork post in the resultant issue (tagged/credited and under separate cuts), unless ppl would very much prefer individual posts for each...?

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If you have any questions or comments, let us know!