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2021 Themes and Dates

It's that time again! That's right -- even though we've still got two issues left for 2020, we're already planning for next year! Here's the list of 2021's themes and their respective dates.

If you want to make sure you don't miss a single deadline, click here for our Google calendar with the dates pre-loaded.

Issue 89: Sealed With A Kiss
* issue date: Monday, February 22
* text deadline: Tuesday, February 9
* art deadline: Saturday, February 20
Letters! We get letters! If you like a good long-distance relationship or an epistolary romance, here's something worth writing home about.

Issue 90: Science Fiction Double Feature
* issue date: Monday, April 26
* text deadline: Tuesday, April 13
* art deadline: Saturday, April 24
Bring your A game to some B-movie magic! You know you wanna go.

Issue 91: Be Gay Do Crimes
* issue date: Monday, June 28
* text deadline: Tuesday, June 15
* art deadline: Saturday, June 26
Prepare to have your heart stolen by this issue's rakes, rapscallions, and other irresistible rogues!

Issue 92: Like Cats and Dogs
* issue date: Monday, August 23
* text deadline: Tuesday, August 10
* art deadline: Saturday, August 21
Whether you enjoy animals or just fighting like them, this issue has room for all kinds of wild opposites to attract.

Issue 93: Strange Aeons
* issue date: Monday, October 25
* text deadline: Tuesday, October 12
* art deadline: Saturday, October 23
That is not dead which can eternal lie ... but is it sexy? Find out in our traditional spooky October issue!

Issue 94: Theme Free
* issue date: Monday, December 20
* text deadline: Tuesday, December 7
* art deadline: Saturday, December 18
And as always, our last issue of the year is a theme-free big bang, where the sky's the limit!

Interested in doing a cover for one of these? We're looking for full-color, finished pieces with homosuggestive, if not downright homoerotic, themes. Looking back at the covers of our previous issues, you can see that they run the gamut from sweet to sexy, from serious to silly, and everything in-between. While the editorial staff will gladly opine if asked, what you do is pretty much up to you!

If you're game, send us an email at and list your top three theme choices. We can't promise that everyone will get everything they want, but we'll do our best.

Preference will be given to individuals who a) have been active participants in SSBB, and b) have not done a cover the previous year.
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