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2018 Themes

It's going to be the future soon! And we're getting ready by taking some suggestions from the crowd, some blasts from the past, and a few bolts of inspiration, then mixing them up and spitting them out into our theme schedule for next year.

Specific dates will be posted later, but plan for publication dates to be the third or fourth Monday of each given month, and the author and artist deadlines to be the Tuesday and Saturday before, respectively.

February: Like and Subscribe
On the internet, no one knows you're doggone sexy. (And by 'no one' we mean 'everyone'.)

March (F/F Special): Hit and Mrs.
We've got stars and strikes planned for these ladies, so say 'I do' to our female-focused February special.

April: Sadie Hawkins
This time we're turning the tables and giving illustrations a chance to come first!
Our Picture Perfect issue did this before, and we're doing it again: This issue invites artists to draw, and then gives authors the chance to write a story based on the pictures presented. Artist may submit up to three images, each with its own title, for authors to choose from. Images may range from worksafe to explicit, but should be something that's likely to inspire smutty dick-touching!

Artists have a slightly earlier deadline this time around: Art should be in by the time the February issue goes live. Signups for the April issue will go up a week (or so) later, and we'll need those pictures ready so authors can select the one(s) they want and get started. However, we're ready to take those pictures at any time between now and then, so as soon as you've got something ready, send it our way and we'll hold onto it until the time is right.

More than one person may choose the same picture! In fact, one story may include more than one picture, assuming they can be made to fit the narrative. With that in mind, artists may draw the same characters in all three images, or may create three unrelated scenarios. However, authors should not feel obligated to pick more than one image in a set.

Contributors may both draw pictures and write a story, but cannot write for their own images. Pictures that don't appear in stories will still be featured in the issue as standalone images.

June: Perchance to Dream
What do you want Mr. Sandman to bring you? Set your alarm so you don't sleep through our fantasy-focused June issue.

July (Yes, And Special): I Was Meant For the Stage
The play's the thing for our annual queer special! Thespians and theatregoers alike, that's your cue.

August: Paint By Numbers
Trot out your favorite tropes, call on your favorite clichés, and make some melodrama happen in an issue that gets back to SSBB's heartwarmingly predictable roots.

September (Artist Special): Hidden Pleasures
Sexy secrets and erotic enigmas lie waiting to be uncovered in the pages of our annual art-focused special.

October: The Butler Did It
Was it Professor Plum in the bedroom with the candlestick? Put on your sleuthing hat and solve the mystery of our spooky October issue!

December: Theme Free
Give 2018 the sendoff it deserves -- whatever that may be -- with our theme-free year-end big bang.

Interested in doing a cover for one of these? Keep reading!

All of these amazing issues will need gorgeous covers too! We're looking for full-color, finished pieces with homosuggestive, if not downright homoerotic, themes. Looking back at the covers of our previous issues, you can see that they run the gamut from sweet to sexy, from serious to silly, and everything in-between. While the editorial staff will gladly opine if asked, what you do is pretty much up to you!

Interested? Email us at and list your top three theme choices. We can't promise that everyone will get everything they want, but we'll do our best.

Preference will be given to individuals who a) have been active participants in SSBB, and b) have not done a cover the previous year.

You should never feel like you have to wait for a deadline to turn something in. We announce these themes early for a reason, after all! You can send submissions in a full year ahead, even, and we'll be happy to hold them for you.
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