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Prospective Participants for Artist Special #7

This is a signup for the September 25 issue, which is a special issue dedicated to showing off the works of the visual artists in the community. Illustrations, sketches, doodles, sequential images, comics, manga -- they'll be the order of the day!

The theme for this issue is Stormy Weather: Whether you'd rather be walking on sunshine or you're happy singin' in the rain, our art-focused issue makes the day beautiful.

Please note that this issue is no longer strictly for m/m content. Sequential art and single images that would conceivably have run in our f/f specials or Yes, And issues are now acceptable.

There are two deadlines for this issue: the later of the two, Tuesday, September 19, is the date by which everything must be in our email inbox. The earlier, however, is Tuesday, September 5, and this is the date for submitting any text that will be in the images. The reason for the text deadline is this: We editors have to do some amount of editing all submissions that come in, but if the text is going to be a part of the image, we won't be able to edit it; therefore, to preserve quality standards, we want to make sure we get a chance at looking over the text for grammatical and mechanical errors before it gets embedded in the images. (Yes, these deadlines are several months off, but we're aware that comics can be pretty work-intensive and time-consuming, so we usually like to give a good head start!)

The usual submission guidelines for artists are right here (as are the general fiction submission guidelines); however, for the purposes of this issue, as you might imagine, we change things slightly:

* Multi-page comics with dialogue not only are allowed, they're encouraged! An artist may team up with a separate writer, or may do both the script and art.

* It is also acceptable to have images interspersed with HTMLed text, though the focus should be on the images.

* There will be no standard page size, panel layout, or style, nor do all the images in a single submission have to be the same size. However, pages should still be no(t much) wider than 800 pixels across -- or if they are, there should be large and small versions.

* There's no limit to the file size of images or how many pages there are. Keep in mind, though, that a majority of our readers come to our site from mobile devices, and scale your work accordingly.

* Single images are subject to the same content rules as they usually are, but comics are held to the same content rules as text submissions in other issues -- in other words, they should have pages that would be considered Not Safe For Work. Images of sexual activity don't need to be graphic, but there should definitely be porny content. Just like in our other issues, the point is not to be coy! All images should contain content that would be appropriate in the spirit of any of our other text-focused issues.

* Artists will be allowed up to two submissions: either one multi-page comic and one standalone illustration, or two standalone illustrations. As it is with illustrators in regular issues, there is no limit to the number of submissions a writer can collaborate on.

* However you choose to interpret the theme is up to you, and how closely you choose to adhere is also entirely your decision. Think of it as more inspiration than mandate.

* Plans for this issue include its being bundled into a downloadable file for general distribution; if you don't want your work included, please indicate so in your submission email. If you'd like your work to look its best, you should send us two versions of your contribution: one with the specifications listed above, and another at the highest quality and resolution you have. Keep in mind that the digital version of the issue will have standard upright book dimensions, so please size/break up your higher-quality images accordingly.

And if anything else is unclear, please feel free to ask it here!

Artists are of course welcome to both write and draw their own contributions. However, as far as collaborations go, this issue is a bit of a Sadie Hawkins dance: this time, authors may volunteer to generate ideas, hack out dialogue, write/polish final scripts, and/or whatever else might be necessary in the story-creating process. If you're a writer interested in a collaboration, leave a comment here detailing what things you'd be interested in doing, from spot-checking someone else's written work to cutting an entire script from whole cloth. If you're an artist looking for someone to whip up the text for you, look no further!

Prospective creators:

Authors offering services:
7deadlysings (link)
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