Lady Sisyphus (ladysisyphus) wrote in bb_shousetsu,
Lady Sisyphus

an editor's thanks

It’s been a little quiet here at Shousetsu Bang*Bang for... well, for reasons I hope are understandable unspoken. After all, it seems more than a little frivolous - even downright useless - to try and talk up a free queer porn zine in the midst of the aforementioned reasons.

But we're still here. And we're still going to keep going. In fact, I'd say that still going is even more important now, in the face of ideologies that benefit from both silence and despair. There is nothing useless about something that makes you happy, and I think that there worse things out there than a concerted, ongoing effort to give the world as many happy queer endings as we can possibly stuff into each and every issue.

So that's what we're going to do! We've got our whole 2017 catalog of themes and dates planned out. We've got signups for our theme-free December issue open. We’ve got 944 stories and 133 comics and artworks (and counting!) spread out over a truly spectacular number of back issues. When you need a smile, or when you want to help make someone else smile, we're here.

We on the editorial staff are thankful as always for all of our participants, signal-boosters, readers, cheerleaders, link-sharers, heart-clickers, comment-leavers, and general delightful riffraff this project has accumulated in its eleven years of existence - but we're even more thankful now in a time where queerness and kindness and community are as important as they've ever been.

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