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2017 Themes and Dates

As proof that we believe the world will keep spinning past this Tuesday, we're happy to present next year's SSBB themes and dates!

February 20: Long Live the King
text deadline: Tuesday, February 14
art deadline: Saturday, February 18
Sexy lies the head that wears a crown! Princes and paupers alike are welcome in our royalty-themed issue.

March 20: All is Full of Love (F/F Special)
text deadline: Tuesday, March 14
art deadline: Saturday, March 18
I for one welcome our lesbian robot overlords.

April 24: Second Chances
text deadline: Tuesday, April 18
art deadline: Saturday, April 22
Ever wish you could turn back time and do it all again? Well, now you can!

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE APRIL ISSUE: In some ways, this is a normal m/m issue, where we take all the new stories written specifically for this theme -- so if you're inspired for that, go for it! This is actually one of our most-requested issue themes.

However, because it's also been a much-requested thing, we've designated this issue as a redo/remix/rewrite opportunity as well. If you've had a particular story/artwork run in SSBB before and really wished you could give it a good overhaul, this is the issue for you! Give that piece a second chance with a fresh coat of paint, a few plotline tweaks, or a whole brand-new happy ending.

You may also remix someone else's story or artwork -- but only with the original creator's permission.

June 19: The First Taste
text deadline: Tuesday, June 13
art deadline: Saturday, June 17
The food of love? It's food! Bring your romance and your recipes for a sexy potluck.

July 24: Tale as Old as Time (Yes, And Special)
text deadline: Tuesday, July 18
art deadline: Saturday, July 22
Yeah, you may have heard this one before, but you haven't heard it like our annual all-queer special tells issue it.

August 21: Total Eclipse
text deadline: Tuesday, August 15
art deadline: Saturday, August 19
Celebrate cosmic changes on a day with an issue that shares its advent with an actual total solar eclipse. (Cool, huh?)

September 25: Stormy Weather (Artist Special)
text deadline: Tuesday, September 5
art deadline: Tuesday, September 19
Whether you'd rather be walking on sunshine or you're happy singin' in the rain, our art-focused issue makes the day beautiful.

October 30: Bad Moon Rising
text deadline: Tuesday, October 24
art deadline: Saturday, October 28
Come have a howling good time with our monstrously spooky October issue!

December 18: Theme-Free Big Bang
text deadline: Tuesday, December 12
art deadline: Saturday, December 16
Finally, we end the year with a bang -- our themeless, no-upper-limit big bang issue.

Interested in doing a cover for one of these? Keep reading!

All of these amazing issues will need gorgeous covers too! We're looking for full-color, finished pieces with homosuggestive, if not downright homoerotic, themes. Looking back at the covers of our previous issues, you can see that they run the gamut from sweet to sexy, from serious to silly, and everything in-between. While the editorial staff will gladly opine if asked, what you do is pretty much up to you!

Interested? Email us at and list your top three theme choices. We can't promise that everyone will get everything they want, but we'll do our best.

Preference will be given to individuals who a) have been active participants in SSBB, and b) have not done a cover in the past two years.

One of the main things we heard when we posted our previous poll was that it's not the themes keeping people from contributing, it's the pace at which they write. If you're one of those slower writers, let this list be a list of good news! You can start writing well in advance, and of course we'll take stories whenever we get them and hold on to them as long as we need to.
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