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Bang*Bang no.54

cover by n_th_green


Universal, by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ)

That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In Greek, by Hiwaru Kibi (火悪 木美)

The Medical Model, by Koiwa Shishiko (小岩 獅神)

Gardelunes, by Matsu Kasumi **

Ve Cherinitat ral ve Mofellivun, by juou no zen (女王のザン)

Sunrise, by beili and Himawari (ヒマワリ) *

Aidan and the Course of History, by Hyakunichisou 13 (百日草 十三)

The Exile's Tale and Other Complete Wastes of Time, by shukyou (主教) *

* illustrated
** no English translation provided


The Cryptographer on Break, by Iron Eater

The Scribe, by neomeruru

La Boca, by KrisRix


Hello everyone, and welcome to our latest! We have many great stories and beautiful pictures have focused on love and language. Please enjoy the people to overcome the language and translation errors and ultimately not prevent them from finding true love story.

If you like what you see here, please leave feedback I spread the word and retweets and reblogs, and all require a lot of noise. What we are, what we do here, is proud and we hope that our readers are advertising.

And remember, if you want something right, no, do not use the Google translator.



See this issue's entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. This issue will be mirrored at on Wednesday.

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