Lady Sisyphus (ladysisyphus) wrote in bb_shousetsu,
Lady Sisyphus

Bang*Bang Artist Special no.4

cover by Iron Eater


mutual, by beili

Season of Laughter, by p_the_wanderer

Room Service, by DragonReine

Lunacy Curse, by Starbeams

Seasonal Discourse, by Iron Eater

the number you have reached has been—, by EMINA


blossoms fill the air,
flutter freely to us all--
the issue appears!

warm and lazy days
bring perfect reading weather;
share links with your friends.

let not artists turn
and fall away like dying leaves;
tell them of your love!

moon on snowy fields
shines like diamonds gathered here
by your editors.


See this issue's entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. This issue will be mirrored at on Wednesday.

Tags: issues
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